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Nakshathra Tree Benefits

Each tree here keeps giving energy to that particular person born during that particular star. So any ailments or health problems are set right / healed / cured when you spend / meditate near or under that particular tree, corresponding to their star. So the presence of the complete set of 27 trees directly creates a healthy and sound physical, mental, psychological and spiritual beings; which is the ultimate and absolute bliss to oneself and to the earth too.

We can follow few steps when we are near our birth tree or any tree

  • Always be in gratitude
  • Pour some water at its roots, thank them for their selfless healing energy they give without excepting anything from us. Before we take anything from tree, let us give something to them
  • Sit there and observe their beauty
  • Talk to them
  • Meditate under them
  • Hug them, let your heart touch the bark
  • Lie on the bark where all the chakras are in touch with the tree for direct healing
  • Protect them from intruders
  • Collect the seeds, and store it, when you meet someone with the same birth star, you can gift them the seeds
  • With permission, Take its small flower or leaves and retain with you in our bag or wallet. It will protect you in various ways, when the leaves are dry, go back and drop it at the same tree, so that they can sense and understand you better. There is a lot of spiritual science behind the process, which I will blog later.

It is necessary to spend time with our respective star-trees during our birthdays because birthdays is the weakest time in a person’s life and we when we are weak, we have to be in the safest place which is our birth tree!

27 Nakshatra Trees
1. Ashwini - Kuchla or Strychnine tree
2. Bharani - Amla or Indian gooseberry
3. Krittika - Gular or Cluster fig tree
4. Rohini - Jamun or Black plum
5. Mrigshira - Kattha or Acacia catechu
6. Aardra - Krishna kamal tree
7. Punarvasu - Babool
8. Pushya - Peepal or Sacred fig
9. Ashlesha - Champa tree
10. Magha - Banyan tree or Indian fig
11. Purva Phalguni - Ashoka tree
12. Uttara Phalguni - Khejdi
13. Hasta - Juni or Jasmine plant
14. Chitra - Beal tree or Wood Apple
15. Swati - Arjun tree
16. Visakha - Naagkeshar or Ironwood tree
17. Anuradha - Bakul or bullet wood tree
18. Jyeshta - Neem tree
19. Mula - Sal tree
20. Puruva Ashada - Ashoka tree
21. Uttar Ashada - Jackfruit tree
22. Sravana - Swallow Wort tree
23. Dhanishtha - Coconut tree
24. Shatbhisha - Kadamba or Indian oak tree
25. Purva Badrapada - Mango tree
26. Uttar Badrapada - Neem tree
27. Revat - Mahua tree